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I’m Meg Keene, 

Your Feet-First Jumping Business BFF And Big Idea Advisor. 

(And a forever weirdo theatre kid.)

I’m here to help you get those ideas out of your head and into the world, because I like seeing women make cool shit (and make lots of money doing it).

My success is owed in large part to falling down, then getting up over and over again, iterating and figuring it out—because I knew my own big ideas HAD to work. 

And I’m committed to giving you more support and all of my knowledge as you go through that process for yourself.
A Practical Wedding was an idea I had at my kitchen table during the 2008 financial crisis.

When I was still supporting myself and my husband (who was finishing law school), I quit my job to take it full-time. What started out as a Blogspot blog grew to reach more than 15 million readers a month and earn millions of dollars in revenue. I also turned two ideas into best-selling wedding books that sold 100,000+ copies. 

Today, I run the small-but-mighty team behind Practical Business School where we help women and non-binary entrepreneurs get from zero to the $250k revenue mark and beyond.

I come from the second-poorest city in the U.S., and I started my business with a grand total of $1,000 in emergency funds to my name. Because female founders like you and me have such little access to capital. I built my empire with each dollar earned. 
I deeply, passionately care about making sure that all women, no matter how much or little access to capital they have, get the tools and support they need to build their business.

Inside Big Idea Blueprint, I share the method I’ve refined through trial and error over 14+ years for exploring, developing, and testing my own ideas.

If you’re ready to know what it feels like to take a Peloton ride in the middle of the day, buy a house for your family that you never could have imagined, finally take that trip to Italy, build a legacy you’re proud of…. or heck, just not feel so exhausted all the time, it's time.

It’s time to invest in yourself. To give your ideas the respect they deserve. To take up space. To make fuck-you money.

Consider this your permission slip. (The trick is, only you can sign it.)

What is Practical Business School? Why do I need this course?

Practical Business School is bringing you business education you need.

Don't worry... this is NOT your grandpa's M.B.A. 

Women have become too accustomed to online business education that treats them like they don't know what the hell they're doing. This is not that. 

Practical Business School is here to reinvent online business education for women and non-binary folks. Why? Because, it's about damn time.
We deserve access to knowledge, mentorship, community, and opportunity. No gatekeeping. All your sovereign queen energy is welcome here.

We're going to give you the tools, the hard skills, the time, the space, and the support to go from "WHERE DO I EVEN START" to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) by January. Yes... really. And we're going to treat you like the badass business person you are. 

So, if you find yourself working all the damn time, but not making enough money—or, if you are sitting on an amazing (or even half-baked) idea but you just don't know what to do next—or you're feeling the effects of a system that has left you and your business behind... this is made for you. 

We're not hiding. 
We're not settling. 
We're taking action, we're leveling-up, and we're making money while we're at it.

What will you learn in BIG IDEA BLUEPRINT?

By joining the inaugural founding class of Practical Business School, you won't just be alumni, you'll be part of our community. Plus... all this... 

Module 1: Getting Your Head In The Game

How to build a business around your life (not the other way around)

You will:

  • Define (or redefine) your core values that guide your business (because the best kind of achievement is driven by these)
  • ​Reclaim your vision and get audacious in defining how you want your business to make you (and everyone you work with) feel
  • ​Change your workplace patterns and identify what you’re doing out of habit, obligation, or fear as a guide to fine-tuning your Big Idea into something that SUSTAINS you
  • ​Set Big Goals - only once you’ve defined your values, vision, and patterns to ditch can you set intentional, measurable, external goals

Module 2: The Big Idea Brainstorm

Get out of your own way and get in the flow of creativity

You will:

  • Complete a strengths and weaknesses self-assessment - so you can build something that leans into your strengths and liberate yourself from the “shoulds”
  • ​(Re-)discover your obsession - complete a self-exploration of the things (work- and non-work related) you love—and the common thread through it all
  • ​Take an Idea Inventory - gather all your half-baked ideas and take stock of all your options
  • ​Write in your idea notebook - learn how to start noticing and honoring all your ideas because the more you do that, the more you’ll have good ones (some of which you might actually want to act on)

Module 3: How To Pick An Idea

Or know if you idea is the right one

You will:

  • Learn the 9 metrics for picking the right idea so you can get out of your head and finally make a decision
  • ​Actually pick your Big Idea!

Module 4: Focus Your Idea

Make decisions and commit to an idea

You will:

  • Implement the Problem/Solution Model - you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You just need to meet a need in a way that only you—with your unique gifts and perspective—can

Module 5: Define Your Market

Get really specific about who you’re serving

You will:

  • Define your whitespace - this is the part of the paper no one has written on yet, aka the part of the market that’s not being served (which is where you come in)
  • ​Do a competitor and market analysis WITHOUT spiraling into comparisonitis
  • ​Build client avatars and do quick-and-dirty customer research

Module 6: Money & Business Models

Margins, baby

You will:

  • Learn how to deal with money blocks that come up for you (I’ve seen and dealt with them all)
  • ​Choose a business model that works for you
  • Figure out how to create something that brings in enough money so you can invest in your business for growth AND pay yourself

Module 7: MVP - Minimum Viable Product

Going for the lowest hanging fruit

You will:

  • Create the simplest possible version of your offering to get something out into the world as quickly and cheaply as you can (so you can gauge the response)
  • ​Start figuring out what works and what doesn’t before you go investing a huge amount of money and time (because the first draft is never perfect)
  • Focus on the minimum viable product and the smallest portion of your market to get your idea off the ground as soon as possible
  • ​Determine your up-front investment (money and time) and timeline of launch tasks

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